MAYA FREE HELIOS UTILITY, un interessante plugins per la gestione rapida di tutti i comandi.

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3D artist Thibault Houdon has released Helios, a free workflow utility for Maya that lets you execute hundreds of commands by typing the first few letters of their names into a floating window.

Perform any common Maya action by typing a few letters
The add-on lets users access any Maya tool, open windows like the Outliner or UV Editor, create objects, and perform a range of commmon operations.

All of the commands supported are listed in a custom Python dictionary, which can be edited to change the command mapped to a particular set of keywords, or to add new commands.

Helios also comes with a set of Python scripts representing time-saving commands not enabled in Maya by default like rigging option Create Joint From Nulls, shown in the demo video above.

Helios is available for download from Gumroad via the link below. The add-on is free, but you can enter a voluntary donation on the Gumroad page.