The Grid



The Factory View Color plugIn by Orienta+Trium for Autodesk Inventor can help you manage the drawing views colours by scanning the referenced assembly and generating layers for each colour encountered and then moving the segments into them. Factory View Colour plugIn comes with some customization options that let you finely grain the expected result.



  • Assembly: let you decide if you want to process assemblies colours.
  • Part: let you decide if you want to process parts colours.
  • Skip subs of coloured assemblies: let you decide once you coloured an assembly referencing some parts or other assemblies if you want to go deeper in the construction tree to further investigate for other colours.
  • Ignore same as material: Skip the colouring process on parts that have same as material colour. (Colour is inherited by the material in parts by default, but is not considered in assemblies that are crossed by the plugin.)
  • Shut Inventor Interface: Shutting down the inventor interface improves performance and avoid accidental clicks.

The Grid

In the grid you can find all the drawing views, of the active drawing document, that reference an assembly document and if their adaptivity is turned on the setted representation view will be preselected.

Anyway if your adaptivity is turned off you can still choose from the assembly’s available representations.

Columns overview:

  • Process column: You have a checkbox, un flagging some of those checkboxes means not processing the drawing view represented by the row the checkbox is in.
  • Drawing View Name column: Displays the name of the drawing view referenced by that line.
  • Representation View:  Displays the representation chosen in the drawing view, this is only available if the adaptivity is turned on.
  • Elapsed column: You will see the elapsed time for colouring that drawing view once you started the process and that drawing view has been processed.
  • Done column: You have a read only checkbox that will be updated after the drawing view has been coloured.



Drawing View adaptivity checkbox.The Grid: notice that on “VISTA3” adaptivity is turned on and representation is recognized and preselected.